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Gasoline Additive System Installation Across US Terminals

SPEC provided project development, engineering, permitting, drafting, procurement support, and construction support for the additive of a new customer gasoline additive injection system at 17 distribution terminals across the United States. SPEC’s tasks included assisting in the definition of the overall project scope, permitting, modification of existing additive systems, installation of new additive systems (i.e. injectors, pumps, injection points, piping, tubing, etc.), and design and installation of new additive tanks. SPEC design and project scope allowed for distribution terminals to handle roll out of new gasoline additive across the United States.

Services Provided: Project Development, Engineering, Design, Procurement, Permitting, Construction Support

Client: Major Oil Company

Project Location: 17 Terminals AcrossUSA

Project Length: Two years

SPEC Project Team Size: 15


Guam & CNMI

SPEC completes EPC contract for terminal engineering services in the west pacific islands of Guam & CNMI

Baltimore, MD

SPEC staff receive safety award for over 50,000 hours of on site project completed without a reportable/recordable injury.